The Gyöngy International Folk-Dance Festival

Folk-dance has tradition in our city. The Vidróczki Folk-dance Group delights the lovers of the culture of the city since 1962.
The North-Hungarian Folk-dance Festival was arranged first in 1969 by The Mátra Community Centre and The Vidróczki Folk-dance Group.
This festival is arranged in every two years. Occasionally 10-12 dance groups went on the stage from many country. In 1994 the organizers in sight of the success of this festival asked the city's management to support the internationalization of the festival. They got help and the necessary pecuniary aid.
Thank to this support at 1994 started the I. Gyöngy International Folk-dance Festival.
The Gyöngy International Folk-dance Foundation was established too, which helps their work as civilian organization.
This festival is an overriding event in the life of the city. The local government and many civilian helpers too, which make the work of the organizers easier as interpreter and attendant, feels it their. The spectators feels it their too, because they arrange their holiday to this programme. Under the opening and final gala the auditorium is always crowded. The surrounding settlements are compete for the groups, who play in provincial locales too. Except Australia, there were dancers here from every continent. The Vidróczki Folk-dance Group plays of course in every occasion. The Borostyán (Ivy) Folk-dance Group, the other group of Gyöngyös plays every occasion too.

Participant countries

In 1994

Israel, Poland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey,

Parádi Hagyományőrzők, Tisza Dance Group, Jászság Folk Group.

In 1996

Albania, Brazil, France, Greece, Russia, Spain, Taiwan,

Tessedik Dance Group, Jászság Folk Group.

In 1998

English, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Turkey,

Duna Folk-dance Group.

In 2000

Cypress, France, Greece, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, Sweden, Sicily, Slovakia, Turkey, the Hugarian group of Kezdivásárhely (Romania).

In 2002

Estonia, Belarus, France, Greece, Yugoslavia, Poland, German, Italy, dancers of two cities of Slovakia, Portugal, Turkey.

In 2004

Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, India, Israel, Canada, Dancers of two cities of Poland, Belarus, Romania, Spain, Sweden.

In 2006

Bulgarian, Greece, Nigeria, Montenegro, Portugal, Spain, Sardinia, Taiwan,

Bihari Folk-dance Group, Matyó Group.

This year the VIII. festival follows. During the 14 years 88 groups introduced oneself from 35 countries, with 9 Hungarian groups, who represent the Hungarian folk culture. In this occasions beside the folk-dance and the folk-music you can get to know costume and gastronomic speciality of other countries. Our further plan is to arrange this festival yearly.
From 2008 the name of this festival is Gyöngy National Folklorfestival. The reason of changing name was the renewal. We arrange our programme in more complex form. We are waiting for our guests with demanding, good quality fair, gastronomic display, programmes for children and Bagpiper's Meeting.
Our festival merited by 2002, that it can be one of the member of the CIOFF (Folk-dance festivals National Association). This award is appreciation and degree too, which guarantees the high quality. The Gyöngy National Folk-dance festival's founder institute - the Mátra Community Centre – is the member of the Folklorfestivals Hungary Association from the beginning, which establishment represents national professional background.
From 2007 we united with 5 cities (which organize festival too) and realize our common ideas. We made cooperation too, which contains the order of the festivals. It is important for the groups, which play. They can attend in more such bigger programme.
The mentioned cities are:
  1. Székesfehérvár
  2. Jászberény
  3. Mezőkövesd
  4. Eger
  5. Gyöngyös
Gyöngyös is very rich in cultural tradition. The national folk-dance festival is the most prestigious, tourist luring programme. It is nationwide, even internationally registered. Our city guards medieval buildings, momentous Gothic and Baroque monuments. Gyöngyös, the "Gate of Mátra" is holiday resort, with Mátrafüred, Sástó, Mátraháza and Kékestető together.



The co-lead manager of the festival is the Vidróczki Folk-dance Group.

Our permanent sponsors are:

  • The autonomy of Gyöngyös
  • Vak Bottyán János Technologic and Economic Technical College



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